TrackMan Performance Putting unlocks a wealth of data about your entire putt


TrackMan Performance Putting unlocks a wealth of data about your entire putt.

By Scott Sackett

The last 15 years in golf has brought incredible innovation in everything from equipment to ball flight radar. A lot of the focus has been on the long game. How high can you launch it and how low can it spin are common questions. Smash factor, club path, attack angle, and ground pressure are now measurable data points.

Putting has not moved at the same rate of innovation as the other areas of the game. Aim Point has brought us the ability to mathematically predict the break of a putt given the distance, stimpmeter reading, slope percentage, and capture speed. High-speed camera has allowed us to better measure skid off the putter face. The SAM Putting Lab gives us the ability to measure putter delivery and ball data points.

TrackMan has finally developed and launched their Performance Putting feature. I’m excited to be one of a few instructors in Arizona to currently have this functionality. This will give us an incredible amount of valuable data, which can be used during a putting lesson to better improve consistency and feel.

In the few lessons so far, students and I have focused primarily on three of the data points. Launch direction is the degrees right or left the ball launches in relation to the target line. This will give us a very solid idea of where the face is pointed at impact. Distance is the total distance the putt ends up traveling, regardless of how far the hole is from you. Lastly is the total amount of skid versus the roll percentage of the putt. Insightful data points capture everything the ball does, providing players with accurate information on the whole putt. From impact until standstill, nothing is left out.

TrackMan has spent 10 years developing this technology and it’s been something I’ve been excited about for quite some time. As time goes on, I’ll write more about the specifics of each data point and how they relate to each other. For now, I wanted to introduce you all to the next game changer in golf, TrackMan Performance Putting. For more information, visit to learn more.


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