This easy-to-do Magnet Wall project makes learning fun

DIY Magnet Wall

This easy-to-do decorating project makes learning fun.

By Kristin Caliendo

Photos by Kristin Caliendo


When my son came home from preschool one day, waving a piece of construction paper with his name spelled out LEIF, I was so excited that I wanted to find a way to help him continue learning the alphabet. I searched the Internet for inspiration, but fell short of anything more exciting than a chalkboard wall. I wasn’t feeling up to texturizing and painting his wall with chalkboard paint, so I kept searching.

I came across a few ideas for adhering small sheets of metal to a wall and using magnetic letters. I thought, why not just make the entire wall metal? I didn’t know if it would be possible or too much work, but I was hooked on the idea of making a ginormous magnet wall.

Much to my surprise, this project was super easy and very inexpensive. After a few measurements, a call to Metal Supermarkets, and a handful of screws, my kids were spelling out words and making their own math problems in no time!



How to Make a Magnet Wall 

What you will need: Measuring tape, stud finder, leveler, metal shears, 1 ½-inch connector screws, and a Sharpie marker.

Step 1. Measure your space.

Step 2. Contact your local metal fabricator company. I had great luck with Metal Supermarkets, which is located at 4625 W. McDowell Rd. in Phoenix. I called them with the measurements and they ordered a custom piece of metal and delivered it for a small fee. With tax and delivery, I paid just under $75.

Step 3. Measure where the outlets will be on the metal. Draw them on the backside of the metal using a Sharpie. Cut out holes for outlets with metal shears. Be sure not to skip this step!

Step 4. Using a stud finder, mark the studs so you will know where to drill in the screws.

Step 5. Have someone help you hold the metal against the wall. Using 1 ½-inch connector screws and a power drill, start securing the metal into the studs at the bottom and work your way up and across. Be sure to keep the metal flush with the wall.



A metal wall would work great in a playroom, laundry room, or where the kids do their homework. Stick up prized artwork for the youngsters and homework assignments for the older kiddos.

It’s easy to unscrew the metal from the wall should you want to sell your house or change the space. Patch the holes and the wall is back to its original condition.



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