Stacy Fischer helps couples navigate everything from the boardroom to the bedroom

The W Collective

Stacy Fischer helps couples navigate everything from the boardroom to the bedroom.

By Michelle Talsma Everson

Stacy Fischer is passionate about owning each role in her life. She’s a business owner, wife and mom—and believes that, instead of “balance,” that each role blends into the other. One unique aspect of Fischer’s journey though is that her husband, Aron, is not only her partner in life and parenting, but in business as well.

“I’ve been working with my husband in a variety of businesses since 2001,” Fischer shares. “We have a business that provides specialty manufacturing called Formula Prototypes. How we are as business partners, life partners, mom and dad…all of those roles add an extra layer of stress and need for communication.”

With an entrepreneurial spirit, and the feeling that she was meant to do “something bigger” with her unique experiences, Fischer started The W Collective, where she provides coaching specifically for women who are in business with their life partners.

“The niche of people that I coach is very specific but there are actually a lot of people who are in business with their significant other,” Fischer says. “I work with a lot of creatives, doctors, lawyers… I’d love to work with more people in the Valley because a lot of my clients aren’t local.”

In addition to utilizing her own life experiences, Fischer is certified as a life coach and a weight loss life coach through the Life Coach School.

“The W Collective is a safe space for women who are navigating business and life with the one they love. My work is for you if you are ready to show up just as you are and do the work to be better,” she describes in the welcome packet she gives new clients. “To evolve. To share our dreams, frustrations, and ugly thoughts. To be us, unapologetically! Women. Business owners. Mamas. Lovers and badasses who also cry and cuss and worry. It’s about trusting your intuition, communicating with clarity and connecting in all your roles.”

While it’s mainly women who reach out to her, she says that she, of course, coaches the couples as a unit, too.

One of the highlights of her coaching program—and an area she’d like to grow this year—is the Working Date Night. During a Working Date Night, Fischer and three couples meet at a restaurant to go over communication strategies.

“I ask the question: How do you show up?” Fischer says. “How do you show up in each role—as a business owner, life partner, and parent?”

Fischer says that one of the biggest mistakes she sees couples that are in business together make is the timing and boundaries of types of conversations. For example, she advises, don’t talk about business at the dinner table with the kids.

“A lot of how I coach comes from 16 years of self coaching,” Fischer says. “We strive to put the communication toolkit that I provide clients into practice into our own marriage.”

“In fact, I’m always testing the advice I give clients in my own marriage,” she says with a laugh.

“It’s all about being partners in it all and owning each role,” Fischer advises.

Fischer adds that most of her coaching is done over the phone, but she’s happy to meet locals in-person. Most of the programs are three months long.

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