‘Six Pack of Values’

‘Six Pack of Values’

Muscular Moving Men’s business grows bigger every year

By Hayden Weber

Moving can be one of the most stressful things in a person’s life. The guys at Muscular Moving Men are trying to change that. Phoenix natives Josh Jurhill and Justin Hodge started moving people over a decade ago with just a borrowed truck and trailer. Fast-forward a decade later and the two men now run the fastest-growing moving business in Arizona.

“Well, I would say back in 2008 it was a combination of things. Financially, we needed to start making money for his life, my life. I was starting a family, Josh was looking to free himself from his full-time business of the insurance world,” Hodge says. “We just started moving people after-hours off of Craigslist and different types of services. We thought ‘Wow, we could literally make hundreds of dollars doing this.’”

Muscular Moving Men now grows bigger every year, averaging between a 30 to 40 percent annual growth rate and employing over 70 employees and moving between 300 to 400 families each year. The key to success? The guys say it all has to do with the employees.

All of their employees follow “QFRACC,” which is an acronym representing the company’s core values of quality, financial efficiency, respect, advancement, culture and customer experience. Hodge calls these the “six pack of core values” and says they tap into their belief system and show how they will handle the move and the customers with thought and efficiency.

“When you break those core values down and think about what they mean, it really does play into our belief system and how we plan on taking care of moves and how we plan on taking care of a customer,” Hodge says. “I think most moving companies are content to just throw a guy in a uniform shirt and have him go out on the truck and just turn him loose, and we don’t believe in that.”

This attention to training and service leaves a lasting impression on all of their clients. Muscular Moving Men currently maintains a score of 4.5 out of 5 or better on all review websites including Angie’s List, Yelp, Accredited Business, Kudzu and Google Plus.

“The crew worked in 115 degree temps with 100 percent humidity for nine hours with chipper attitudes the entire time,” says Stephanie Potter, who used Muscular Moving Men for a residential move back in the beginning of August. “Never a grumble or cuss word the entire nine hours they were working. The guys demonstrated complete teamwork.”

When they aren’t helping with a move or working out at the gym at their facility, the guys try to give back to the community as much as they can. Hodge and Jurhill are both local residents and believe it’s important to give back to where they got their start. They do an annual toy delivery drive for Phoenix Children’s Hospital and do a lot of work with Southwest Human Development as well. They recently donated their skills to doing a free move for the Glendale Police Department and the Hope Women’s Shelter.

“We believe in giving back to the Valley. It’s nice to have been able to start a business where you can really employ quite a bit of people. It’s nice to have the trucks, the manpower and the ability to give back to the community and different communities that we believe in and being born and raised here,” Hodge says.

While they are currently the fastest-growing moving company in Arizona, the guys are already looking to the future and not getting caught up with their current success. “Five, ten years, we definitely have a vision and a plan that we’re following, which involves continuing the growth within Phoenix and the dominance within the Phoenix market, but also nationwide expansion,” Jurhill says. “We want to be at 60 locations nationwide, so having a footprint in every major city and being able to offer services country-wide, but then also be able to expand our inner-state, so with all these other locations we should be able to have what we estimate to be around 40 tractor-trailers or semis!”  

To schedule a move or for more information, visit muscularmovingmen.com.

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