Scottsdale attorney Greg Davis focuses on family law

Greg Davis 

Scottsdale attorney focuses on civility and compassion for the best possible results.

By Nadine Bubeck

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To Greg Davis, being an attorney and poet are one and the same. Davis reflects that both professions are in the business of words––forming persuasive, concise statements and phrases that initiate change and emotion.

The esteemed Scottsdale-based attorney proudly touts a background in poetry and has one of the most interesting hobbies ever. As an added bonus, he is also enjoyable to talk to and has a consistently unique view on any given topic of conversation. In other words, he’s not your typical lawyer. Lawyers get a bad rap for being on the monotone side, but not Davis. He is extremely colorful and perfectly worded.

Although Davis doesn’t come from a family of attorneys––his first ambition was to tackle poetry––too many friends suggested he pursue law, and so he went that route. A graduate of Tufts University and Emory Law School, Davis has an innate skill for negotiation.

Originally from New York City, Davis was looking to move, so his girlfriend at the time told him to close his eyes and pick a spot on the map. His finger landed on Phoenix. Greg settled in the Phoenix area in 1992, practicing in the field of civil litigation.

In 2000, Greg founded what is now Davis Faas Blase, PLLC, a Scottsdale boutique firm, focused primarily on family law. Prior to focusing on family law, his main focus was civil litigation, which didn’t necessarily keep his personal passion well-fed. Alas, he found a passion in family law, finding personal and professional fulfillment in helping families during dark times.

“I see good people at their worst. At rock bottom. Desperate. It’s my privilege to help them get back on their feet, and create fresh, positive beginnings for themselves and their children,” Davis shares.

Dark times for sure, considering Davis sees plenty of people in tears. Sobs often go hand-in-hand with divorce.

Davis has a different family law philosophy than other like-lawyers. He says that many attorneys jump to trials, while he firmly believes in mediation. His goal is to alleviate the pain of the process, and so his first choice is always resolving any issues in a calm, civilized manner.

“My passion for family law lies in working with clients going through difficult situations, including family substance abuse. I like working with clients struggling with addiction issues, and working within those unique representation confines, to make them successful parents,” says Davis.

When asked what makes a relationship deconstruct? Davis pauses prior to answering. He doesn’t want to speak cliché, offering a statement about money issues or betrayal. Instead, he concentrates on the word control suggesting problems often arise when both spouses fight to control themselves, their families, and most problematically, one another.

Insightful, right?

He explains there are four pillars in family law: divorce, child support, property division, and child custody. For each client, he takes each element quite seriously, focusing on a no-nonsense approach and always keeping the children’s best interest at heart. Davis and his team prioritize compassion and dedication, which often leads to the best possible results.

Speaking of his team, Davis’ Scottsdale practice features a seasoned group of family and business attorneys. With over six decades of combined experience, they are always prepared, energized, and focused on their clients.

Davis also has a passion for sharing his experience and insight. He has taught at PSL/Arizona Summit Law School, has been a panelist at the annual Arizona Family Law Trial Advocacy Seminar, and presented at the 2017 Arizona Association of Family and Conciliation Courts’ annual conference on the issue of representing the addicted client. In addition, one of his partners, Aaron Blase, recently received the distinction of becoming a State Bar Certified Specialist in family law, further illustrating the depth of the legal knowledge at Davis Faas Blase.

Every night, however, when Davis gets home from work, he finds peace in one particular hobby: pinball. An avid pinball machine collector, hobbyist, and player, some of his machines date back to the 1960s, and his growing collection is impressive even to the most seasoned collector. His “playroom” is literally full of fun, and he has fellow pinball friends around the world who share his passion. Also a fierce pinball competitor, Davis regularly competes in tournaments. For Davis, his pinball passion is an ideal way to unwind after a long day at the office.

The pinball-playing lawyer is also a husband and father to two teenage sons. Unfortunately, pinball doesn’t run in the blood, as his boys don’t necessarily share the same passion for the game, but his wife occasionally joins him in a spirited match.

When asked what kind of father he is, especially given his day-to-day focus on addressing broken families, he shares a story.

He explains that most parents, especially moms, say the best day of their lives was the day their first child was born. Even some dads say the same––that there has been no better day. However, to Davis, the moment he held his firstborn, fear overtook his body. Davis describes that day as the scariest of his life: feeling the utmost responsibility of loving, providing, and being a role model for his child. A weight immediately took to his shoulders, otherwise known as fatherhood. He is determined to care for his children to the best of his ability. He seems to have a keen sense of personal and professional responsibility, both of which lend themselves to making him a fierce legal advocate and parent.

A lawyer with a poetic background, exacting tone, and balanced philosophy is someone you don’t find everyday. But you will in Scottsdale, should you be in the market for writing the next chapter of your life.

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