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Pet Project

Animals can get the ultimate “spaw” experience at The Groomery by PetSmart

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Animals can get the ultimate “spaw” experience at The Groomery by PetSmart

An upscale, full-service pet grooming salon opened in Anthem on Sept. 8. The Groomery by PetSmart is a new, innovative store concept focused exclusively on providing pet grooming services such as baths, haircuts, blow-outs, paw maintenance and de-shedding treatments. The Groomery also offers pampering “spaw” services featuring pet-specific deep moisture shampoos and conditioners, as well as a self-service dog wash so pet parents can bathe their pups without needing an appointment.

“We know pet parents love their pets and want to give them the best of everything, and The Groomery provides them the place to do just that,” says Joanna Zucker, vice president of services at PetSmart. “Pet grooming can enhance a pet’s overall health, and special services like a scented bath can further enrich our connection with our pets.”

The Groomery in Anthem is located at 3655 W. Anthem Way and is one of a handful of new Groomery locations opening in 2018, joining the already open locations in DC Ranch, New York City’s Upper West Side and Oak Park, Illinois.

“We know convenience and proximity to the home is important to pet parents, so we created this boutique-size store to help us get closer to where pet parents are living,” Zucker says. “The Groomery is a great solution when our traditional, larger PetSmart store isn’t located nearby.”

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The Groomery Details

Grooming Salon — The Groomery salon features wide, easy-to-maneuver tabletop spaces for the PetSmart grooming staff. The bathing area is outfitted with stainless steel tubs and Hydrosurge® BathPro 9.0 bathing systems for washing and no-heat dryers.

Self-Service Dog Wash — Self-service dog wash stations will give pet parents an easy solution to bathe and bond with their pet, especially after a day of hiking. The washing stations feature wall-mounted washing and drying equipment, and an array of complimentary shampoos and conditioners that address a range of needs from de-shedding to skin sensitivities. This is a walk-in service and appointments are not necessary.  

Merchandise — The lobby area of The Groomery is stocked with high-end health and beauty pet essentials such as shampoos, brushes, collars, leashes and treats, including an expanded collection of at-home pet grooming supplies.

“We are thrilled to introduce a new pet grooming offering to the Anthem community and look forward to providing pet parents with the professional grooming services that will leave their pets looking and smelling great.”

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