Personal trainer Sherry Rodriguez is devoted to her clients’ health

Certifiably FitNV Spotlight (Fit4Ever) April May '16

Personal trainer Sherry Rodriguez is devoted to her clients’ health.

By Alison Stanton

Sherry Rodriguez first became involved with fitness and strength training 31 years ago. Since then, she has run numerous road races, competed in a 2.5-mile rough water swim, and is a national level Physique competitor. She wanted others to share those feelings of success, so she opened a personal training business. In 2007, she launched Fit4ever, where she works as a certified personal trainer and certified senior fitness trainer and instructor.

“I work one-on-one with my clients or in small groups, and I can provide training in their home, or we can go to one of several gyms I belong to, a private studio in Scottsdale or a park that is close to their home,” Rodriguez says.

Rodriguez, who is current in CPR and carries liability insurance, says she enjoys working with a wide range of ages, from 10-year-old kids up to senior citizens. “I can do adolescent physical training that is geared toward obese kids. I’ll play hopscotch with them or kickball or dodgeball and other child-oriented activities,” she says. She can also give swimming lessons and help people train for road races. “There really isn’t any upper age limit.”

Unlike other personal trainers who might plan primarily high-impact workouts, Rodriguez says she focuses on low-impact exercises that will help to prevent injury. “I can work with people who are in rehab for an injury or who have conditions like osteoarthritis, diabetes, or lupus,” she says.

When she meets with a client for the first time, Rodriguez will assess his or her current fitness level, allowing her to design a training program that is specific to the client. “I get a lot of referrals from clients, and most them usually stay with me for years,” Rodriguez says.

One of the best parts of her work, Rodriguez says, is when she sees the tangible improvements that her clients are making to their bodies and health. “I work with a young beautiful woman who has lupus, and when we started she was using 2-pound weights and now she has graduated to going to the gym,” she says. “She still has occasional flare-ups but her condition has greatly improved and thanks to her dedication she has gone from rehab to working out.”

Whether she is working with a young child or a 70-year-old senior, Rodriguez says her work is extremely fulfilling. “I like to see people reach their fitness goals and to be consistent and make lifestyle changes. My work gives me such a sense of purpose.”

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