Over Easy: North Valley dining spot offers a unique take on breakfast and lunch

Over Easy 

North Valley dining spot offers a unique take on breakfast and lunch favorites.

By Andrew Leach

A sun filled room awaits you at Over Easy in North Scottsdale. Connected to the Ice Den, one of the few local ice rinks around town, this dining spot serves up breakfast and lunch favorites with a twist.

The restaurant has three Valley outposts in addition to their Scottsdale location, as well as one in Washington. Since opening in 2008, Over Easy has generated a lot of press and was featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives and in Bon Appetite Magazine, among others.

The Scottsdale location embraces the retro styling of the brand and incorporates bright colors and Midwestern charm. Pops of yellow punctuate the spare yet homey interior that feels like a diner all the way down to the subway tiles on the floor.

The menu is filled with delicious sounding options and creations as well as traditional favorites. The first item we selected was the chicken fried steak ($11). A large piece of thin cut steak that is battered then deep-fried and then smothered with a flavorful country gravy, it’s everything you’d expect. Served with a choice of potatoes (sweet potato tater tots, hash browns, home fries, or traditional tater tots)––we opted for sweet potato tater tots––and two eggs. Flavorful and rich, the gravy adds dimension to this breakfast classic.

The next menu item sampled was the wolf pack ($9). This is a unique serving style for a standard breakfast dish. The dish includes two eggs, bacon, and crisp hash browns with cheese. Sounds pretty straight forward, but here comes the twist: the ingredients are layered. They start out with a layer of crispy hash browns and then pile on the cheese, followed by potatoes, more cheese, and then crisp bacon topped with two eggs (served any style), followed by another layer of crisp hash browns. It’s a lot of food piled high on your plate. But if you’re a fan of mixing all your ingredients together, this is the dish for you. The crispiness of the bacon adds flavor as well as texture. We decided to have our eggs over easy, so when you cut through the center, the yolks melt into the layers below. It’s super tasty and you’re able to get a taste of every ingredient in each bite.

The chicken and a waffle ($10) was up next to thrill our palates. All the participants at our table had eaten chicken and a waffle at other establishments and we all agreed that Over Easy’s version is different than we’d had before––but not in a bad way. At Over Easy, they serve a flat, freezer-style waffle, as opposed to a fluffy Belgian waffle. Served with a large piece of boneless fried chicken breast laid triumphantly on top of the waffle, it’s served with maple syrup to add some sweetness and hot sauce to add some spice. The chicken is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. The style of the waffle means it’s denser and holds up well under the weight of the chicken.

Next up, we ordered the Thanksgiving waffle ($12). This is the same style waffle as the chicken and waffle dish, but made out of Over Easy’s stuffing. You heard that right, it’s a waffle made out of stuffing. I have never seen a stuffing waffle on a menu before, and it was really something to experience. The waffle is served with sliced turkey and mushroom gravy on top. The turkey is sliced thin enough to be cut with a regular knife. Fully embracing the Thanksgiving theme, they add a dollop of cranberry relish. It really does taste like a holiday treat.

There are a few other items on the menu that captured our interest including a lot of lunch items, most notably the waffle dogs ($12). Described as being three sausage links on sticks that are dipped into vanilla waffle batter and cooked until golden brown, they’re basically the tastiest corn dogs you can image.

One of the best things about Over Easy is that there’s a little something for every one. And, if you visit this location, after enjoying some delicious calories, you can burn them off with a few laps around the ice rink.


Over Easy


(480) 270-3447

9375 E. Bell Rd, Scottsdale

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