Mama G’s Pumpkin and Orange cookies are the perfect way to welcome fall

Cookie Craving  

Mama G’s Pumpkin and Orange cookies are the perfect way to welcome fall.

Pumpkin and Orange Cookies

Yield: 20 cookies

Prep Time: 15 min

Cooking Time: 10 min


1/2       cup honey

1          cup packed canned real pumpkin

1          tsp. pure vanilla

2/3       cup brown sugar

1 1/2    sticks cold butter, cubed small

1 1/2    tsp. cinnamon

2          large room temperature eggs

2          tsp. baking soda

1          tsp. kosher salt

2          cup Gold Medal flour


For the orange glaze (combine the following ingredients):

1          cup powdered sugar

2          Tbsp. whole milk

2          Tbsp. juice from 1 orange

Zest from 1 orange


Preheat oven to 375 Fahrenheit for an half hour.

Put parchment paper on large sheet pan

Put honey, pumpkin, and vanilla into a bowl and mix 2 to 3 minutes until smooth.

Add sugar, butter, and cinnamon to the bowl and cream.

Add the eggs and mix

Add the baking soda, salt, and flour

Stop immediately when mixed. This prevents a tough cookie

Use a small ice cream scoop to drop cookies on a sheet pan. Level each scoop so they are equal size.

Bake 8 to 10 minutes. Remove right before done.

Drizzle warm cookies with a spoonful of glaze and a few specks of salt on top of each cookie.

Mama G’s Tips

  1. Remove the cookie by pulling the parchment paper away from the cookie, instead of lifting the cookie from the paper.
  2. Use Gold Medal flour. Gold Medal has a lower gluten-forming protein.
  3. Put cookie dough on the tray like this: Three in the first row, two in the second row. Continue the pattern.
  4. Scoop the batter with an ice cream scoop. Take a butter knife and level each scoop off.
  5. Use real canned pumpkin.
  6. Over mixing makes gluten proteins tough.
  7. To adjust the glaze liquid, se the juice from the fresh orange––never water. Too much liquid will make your cookie fall apart.
  8. Add pecans to top off the cookie.
  9. Sprinkle a pinch of nutmeg into the batter.
  10. Add a half-cup of Ghirardelli chocolate chips to batter for extra goodness.
  11. Use a high quality honey.
  12. Cool cookies 6 inches off the counter or they will steam. Put them on a rack and set the rack on a tall bowl.
  13. Keep half an apple in the cookie storage container. This keeps the cookies soft.
  14. Use light colored pans.
  15. Don’t use all-purpose flour for sugar cookies. It makes them spread. Use bread or high-protein flour.
  16. Never put cookie dough on a warm pan.




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