Jamila Watson––How to plan professional parties

How to plan professional parties

By Jamila Watson for North Valley Magazine 

Jamila Watson

I have been planning parties for a while now. It’s truly a passion of mine. Ask anyone and they would tell you that Jamila loves parties!

Before I started planning parties professionally, I would take my daughters on their “weekend journey” from party to party.  Way too often, I would see kids running around everywhere because there was not enough to do.

Well today I want to give you some super easy tips on how to plan activities for your child’s birthday party that will keep your guests happy.

1.  Chose activities that are based around your chosen theme. Put a new twist on an old tried and true game.  For a recent POP Star birthday party for 4 year olds we played our version of musical chairs but used big silver “stars” instead of chairs.

2.  Chose age appropriate activities.  Games that are for an older age group can frustrate guests or worse injure someone engaged in the activity.  Alternatively, choosing activities that are for a younger age group will be way too easy.

3.  Over plan!  If you planned to have 2-3 party games from 1:30 to 2:30 and know that each game takes about 20 minutes, having 1-2 extra “emergency” activities planned is always a smart way to go.  Kids will surprise you and go through an activity faster than you had planned.  Having these extra activities in your back pocket will be your “plan B” and will help ensure that everyone is happy and entertained.

4.  Give yourself some downtime and hire a children’s entertainer for the party.  At Parties On Purpose, we host entire parties and also provide birthday party entertainment.  This way you can just sit back, chat with your friends and enjoy the party!

Parents deserve to have fun too!  Until next time!

About Jamila Watson

My name is Jamila Watson (42) and I have been married to my amazing husband Albert for 16 years and I am the mother of two awesome daughters, Adia and Mckenna.  We currently live in North Phoenix.  We love Arizona and have called it our home for the past 9 years.

I am so blessed to be able to bring a smile to so many wonderful families.   I am the owner of Parties On Purpose, which is a children’s party and event entertainment company.  Through planning birthday celebrations, my team and I are able to create great memories that last a lifetime.

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