Gifting the right gem

A Matter of Taste 

Gifting the right gem.

By Scott Bohall

What if every woman wore the same dress?

That, of course, would never happen. While there are some women who like to copy what a friend has or what they see in an ad on television, they like to view themselves as individuals. Each person has a different taste in design, color, quality, jewelry size, and where they like to shop. There are also many different budgets for each occasion.

If you watch television or look at jewelry ads, there’s a new thing each year that is pushed on consumers as if everyone wanted it. A few years ago, it was the three-stone jewelry, sold as if it were a new idea. Putting a larger stone in the center with a smaller stone on each side is a design that has existed for a thousand years––now it bears the name of Past, Present, Future. Then came the Circles, the Journey, and the “new” knot design, which has been a jewelry design for at least 40 years but is sold as something contemporary.

There’s nothing wrong with appreciating the jewelry item of the year. Each design is available from a good number of independent jewelers and chain stores and comes in a variety of qualities. However, if you’re a man considering a purchase, it would be wise to ask your companion if she likes that design when you see an ad. If she says, “yes,” proceed to your jeweler. If she says, “no,” a follow-up question as to why will help you find something more suitable to her taste.

A random survey showed that less than 20 percent of women liked this year’s item. That will be tough for the stores that bought heavily in that area. Look for good deals as stores get rid of them closer to Valentine’s Day. If your lady told you that she did not like it because it was too small, too large, too simple, or too loopy, or she really just wants a sapphire ring, you have enough information to make her very happy.

Chocolate pearls are a trendy item, but not if she doesn’t like the color brown. Pink sapphires are very popular––unless she prefers blue, purple, or yellow. Green quartz is selling well, but she may not like that––the color is not natural.

With any jewelry purchase, make sure that you can return the item if she’s not happy with it. Most stores allow seven to 30 days to return an item. If you’re spending more than $1,000 for jewelry, it’s a good idea to also have any items evaluated by an independent credentialed appraiser.

If you know your lady, you’ll know her taste in jewelry. If you don’t know jewelry, know your jeweler.

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