DIY Summer Decorating

NV Decorating June July '16DIY Summer Decorating

What to do (and not do) when creating a seasonally inspired space.

By Kristen Forgione


DO Let your color shine

If you normally can’t stomach a little pop of color, try it in summer in small doses.


DO Work in prints

Whether you’re print heavy or print empty, adding prints into your everyday décor will help brighten things up, add texture, and is a great opportunity to play with temporary color. Try a print in a calming tone like a colorful Ikat, or even a vintage tribal.


DO Bring the outdoors in

Try your thumb by adding a little green and place anything from a tabletop bud to a mature house tree in your space. Leave the ceramic pots at the big box retailers and hunt for the perfect, slightly aged woven basket to place your new oxygen loving botanical in.


DO Go a little Coastal

Here in Arizona, the closest we may be getting to a beach is your master bath or your pool. Add a little nod to the coast by playing with deep cabana stripes, adding some apothecary jars, or for a more permanent treatment, go for wood wall panels, like shiplap!


DON’T go overboard

Too much of anything isn’t good, especially summer decor. Go easy on adding colors, and try to stick to a palette of three colors, max. We want to feel what a call balanced happy not crazy crayon box.


DON’T forget about lighting

Add playful lighting indoors or out. Try Bistro lights in a quaint corner over a comfy chair, perched by a window or place outside over your outdoor lounge.


DON’T leave scents out

The smell of summer is one of my favorite smells, period. Candles are quick and easy, but try for something with a bit more staying power, try a fresh and petite herb garden or a bouquet of wildflowers.



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