The shot every Scottsdale golfer wants to hit

The Perfect Fade  Learn how to hit the shot every Scottsdale golfer wants to consistently hit By Scott Sackett   A perfect fade is a shot every player wants to consistently be able to hit. With the following knowledge and help from Trackman, you will now have an understanding of how to pull it off. First, you’ll need to grasp the importance and relationship of clubface and path. In the image, the numbe ...

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Improve your golf drives

Improve Your Drives  Golf pro Scott Sackett explains how to greatly impact your total distance and spin by changing your contact point. Launch angle, total distance, spin, and contact point: What do these four elements have in common? Well, three are a result of the other. In this case, contact point heavily influences launch angle, spin, and total distance with a driver. Why is that? The driver is a curved ...

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Golf pro Scott Sackett on how shaft flex influences attack angle

It’s in the Flex  Golf pro Scott Sackett on how shaft flex influences attack angle. When looking at how a player drives a golf ball, it’s important to consider all things to find the best driver-and-shaft combination possible. One thing that gets a lot of attention is the shaft. Regular, stiff, and X-stiff are all shaft flexes we are familiar with. Furthermore, swing speed is not the only factor to think ab ...

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Golf pro Scott Sackett on why you should pay more attention to your ball flight

The game of golf has lots of moving parts. Sometimes, parts of the game are given more attention by both teachers and students. In my opinion, the most commonly overlooked part in teaching is ball flight. Where and how the golf ball flies where it does is dictated by one thing––impact. Understanding the components of impact—that is, how the club and ball interact to produce certain ball flights—is extremely ...

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Tee off with Dad at JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort

Treat dad this Father’s Day with a free round of golf at one of Wildfire Golf Club’s two world-class 18-hole championship golf courses located at JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa. Wildfire Golf Club is offering a Father’s Day Special on Sunday, June 21, for celebrating dad. Fathers play free when accompanied by a family member who has purchased a round of golf. The 18-hole, par 71 Faldo Championshi ...

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