Creations brings local makers together for a bohemian vibe

By Annika Tomlin "Shop Local” means something special to Tucson-based Creations Boutique. Olivia Verma Smith’s family features its Angie Brand throughout the store, the latest of which opened at Desert Ridge Marketplace. Dubbed the “boutique in the desert,” Creations is peppered with locally made candles, artists and creators. “Many things that are developed by local makers, like our main candles, are produ ...

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Leading Lady of Authentic Aging

CarolAnn Tutera makes women feel themselves with SottoPelle By Dani VanCamp At age 42, CarolAnn Tutera felt she had the insides of a 92-year-old woman. She had all the classic signs of menopause. “I don’t know how I was putting one foot in front of the other,” she says. “I wasn’t burning weight.” That was until she tried bioidentical hormones. She got her life back. Tutera is now the co-founder and CEO of S ...

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Full Circle

Beth Hyatt unveils new work at Arizona Fine Art EXPO   By Sue Kern-Fleischer   In some ways, Beth Hyatt has come full circle. She loved to draw as a child and even moved to Chicago to pursue an art career at the Art Institute of Chicago, but she was swept into the world of fashion, where she worked as a model. Several years later, she and a friend started Model Image Center, Inc. to help new models lea ...

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Beautifully Made

Clothing designer instills confidence and empowerment with her creations.  By Sondra Barr Photos by Chadwick Fowler   Growing up in Kazakhstan while it was still part of the Soviet Union, Lyudmila Aspeleider experienced the country collapsing around her. Food was scarce and new clothing was hard to come by, so her mother would painstakingly tear her own clothes apart and repurpose the fabric to make cl ...

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Campus Chic

THE BACK-TO-SCHOOL WARDROBE GETS REINTERPRETED WITH SOPHISTICATED NEUTRALS Photographer: Sylvia Hardt, Wardrobe Stylist: Shannon Campbell, Hair/Make-Up Lillian Fogel, Models: Laura & Lo, from Ford Robert Black,; Hannah, independent   Clothing: Studio Joy Li, (480) 970-1043, BCBG Dillard's Fashion Square, (480) 949-586 ...

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Swimwear separates draw inspiration from the dramatic beauty of Arizona

              Summer Spirit Swimwear separates draw inspiration from the dramatic beauty and history of the people and land of  Arizona. Photography by Chadwick Fowler Creative direction & wardrobe styling by Shannon Campbell Assistant: Michael Keatley Hair/Make-up: Rachel Taft Peterson Assistant: Karissa Jones Models: Daynalynn Wain, Michelle Davis, and Kaci Koch––The ...

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